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Criterion catalyst co. case study


Courtesy of Industrial Air Solutions, Inc.

Criterion is the world's largest supplier of catalysis for hydroprocessing, including hydrotreating applications.  The company is also a leading supplier of reforming and specialty catalysis for the refining industry.

Criterion's facility in Azusa, CA installed a Tri-NOx Mult-Chem scrubber with a 3000 cfm capacity at 250 lbs/hr of NOx. The system has four polypropylene columns, three of which form the scrubbing portion of the system and use Tri-Packs column packing.  A stainless steel quenching column with internal spray heads cools catalyst process off-gases from 500 to 150° F.

The scrubber uses an irreversible process involving proprietary solutions and chemistries.  Residence time of NOx is minimal, based on the high NOx loading relative to the NO/NO2 ratio.

The system operates at greater than 99% efficiency on both NO and NO2 and the stack is clean. No harmful liquid byproducts are generated by the system: the only liquid effluent contains a small amount of soluble salt that is processed by the facility's waste treatment system.

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