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CRN - International Collaboration Network Launched

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CRN - International Collaboration Network Launched

In response to the demand from researchers in government authorities, industry and universities, CREMe has launched an international collaboration forum CRN (CREMe Research Network) to allow researchers to discuss current research issues, share data and expertise and to collaborate on questions related to food safety, nutrition, cosmetics, chemical safety and the environment.

CRN members can participate in discussions within the expert forum, in private messages to each other or in the CRN Chat Room. Researchers also have the option of sharing research data and results with other experts online.

In addition to the advice and experience of experts in their field, CRN Members also receive exclusive reports, articles, and publications in the online forum.

Current forums within CRN include:

* REACH, Chemicals & Cosmetics
* FP7 and Other Collaboration Projects
* Food Issues
* Environmental Issues
* General Exposure Forum
* Data Sets and Probabilistic Exposure
* Assessment Issues
* International Issues

The 'FP7 and Other Collaboration Projects' Forum will be the catalyst for researchers in the areas of nutrition, food, environmental and cosmetics safety, product development and chemical safety in collaborating on future funded projects.

Each member periodically receives e-mails containing updates on the current issues that are being discussed within the network.

CRN was launched in February 2007 and has been extremely well received by the initial expert group. Among its members are universities, companies and regulators from Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK and the USA.

Why CRN Was Set Up

CREMe has performed extensive research with practitioners in the field to find out what problems they were facing in their daily work. Researchers encountered that the data they were using was either difficult to find or was outdated.

One member is quoted as saying: 'Finding the relevant research data is a time-consuming process - and yet at the end of the day we are sometimes not successful in finding the information we need, as there is not enough public information available.'

CREMe Research Network enables researchers and experts to collaborate and to exchange data on an international basis and to ensure that they have access to the most up-to-date and reliable information. Because CRN is only accessible to researchers and experts, members can have confidence in the opinions and information on the network.

Some Questions Asked in CRN

Here are some of the questions that were recently asked within the CRN forum:

1. Where would you get your most up-to-date information on REACH, given that the regulations change so often? Have you had the experience that by the time information has been made available it is already out of date? What could be done to solve that problem?

Do you know of a reliable regulation roadmap including all the new rules and tasks coming up in the next few years after the implementation?

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2. Regulations state that companies must clearly state the composition of bottled water. However has anyone conducted tests on the plastics from different suppliers to test what chemicals have seeped into the water after 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months?

How does this affect the consumer? and what probabilistic models exist to assist in these experiments?

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3. If probabilistic modelling is to be used to estimate exposure to a chemical so that the result can be compared with a safety level, what percentile value should be chosen to compare with the safety level and should this value always be the mean of the percentile or an upper value of the percentile. If probabilistic exposure assessments are to be used should there be European consensus for which percentile to use?

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4. Should the EU adopt the US FDA approach for regulating the use of chemicals in food packaging materials? Would this method provide more transparency in the system and more control over the use of chemicals in food contact materials?

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