Cross-Connection Guidebook Developed Specifically for Reuse Purveyors


Although there have been limited documented illnesses due to cross-connections between reclaimed and potable water, our industry must manage the perception of public health risks. The proliferation of reuse utilities is limited by public acceptance of reuse water. Safety measures protecting the public from potential health hazards are critical to the public acceptance of reuse water. The WateReuse Foundation’s Reclaimed On-site Water Inspection and Cross-Connection Control Guidebook has been developed to establish the best practices for these safety measures.


There are a number of references available for cross connection prevention, however they do not specifically address sites with Reclaimed water or procedures that must be in place for a successful and safe reclaimed water program.
The mission of the WateReuse Foundation is to conduct and promote applied research on the reuse, reclamation, recycling, and desalination of water. In February 2005 the WateReuse Foundation issued a request for proposals to develop a guidebook to develop industry-wide recommended procedures and guidance for reclaimed water systems.

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