Cross-flow scrubber design case study from Kimre


Courtesy of Kimre Inc.

Cross-flow or, Horizontal-flow scrubber design is almost never mentioned in chemical engineering literature. Textbooks (1) used at universities for future engineers, undergraduate as well as graduate level students, invariably only discuss counter-current vertical scrubber tower design. Likewise, professional reference texts (2) generally provide little or no mention of horizontal cross-flow designs. And, when cross-flow design is mentioned, the discussion is usually very brief. The normal design discussion usually revolves around a packed tower and packing choices in consideration of improved gas to liquid surface contact, where the actual mass transfer of gaseous pollutant to liquid phase takes place. In nearly all cases, the packing discussion assumes that a random dump-packing product (saddles, rings, etc.) will be chosen to fill the tower. Thus a brief review of wet scrubber, counter-current packed tower design, is appropriate.

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