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Cryogenic Treatment Unit (TU-51) for Recovery of VOCs for Soil Remediation

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A Cryogenic Treatment Unit or TU-51 was developed to apply a cryogenic air treatment process to recover persistent vapor phase volatile organic compounds (VPVOC) having extremely low boiling points. These would include explosive compounds present in the vapor stream. The portable TU-51VPVOC (OEM) operates the following process: vapors are recovered from geologic units via SVE, often from a battery of extraction wells, then distributed to the cryogenic chambers. The vacuum pump and filters and sampling ports and the orifice plate installed between the extraction wells and the treatment unit are detailed on the Process flow Diagram. The vapor is then distributed to the cryogenic system initially thru a heat exchanger then to freezing chambers. The cryogenic separation technique for soil remediation is complicated and here it is proprietary to RAMCO Environmental Inc. (RAMCO). The condensate produced by this separation process contains the recovered VOC. Condensate products are discharged to a sealed and cooled collection vessel. Condensate is periodically transferred to a DOT approved stainless steel shipping pot at the time of transfer by a licensed hauler to a material recovery refinery. Finally, the treated air shall be directed through a bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) for discharge to atmosphere under the terms of an atmospheric discharge permit from the appropriate regulatory agency.

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