CSA America launches Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Verifier Certification Program


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Some of the biggest names in business—3M, Wal-Mart, FedEx, Cisco, BASF, Caterpillar, Hasbro and Sun Microsystems to name a few—are realizing the benefits that come with improved carbon management. In fact, twice as many top U.S. companies publicly released sustainability data in 2008 compared with three years earlier—with ethics outweighing economics for the first time as the primary reason for the disclosures—according to a KPMG analysis of corporate reports.

But to reap the full rewards of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and reports, it’s imperative to offer transparency. Shell, for example, has come under severe criticism for allegedly manipulating some of the contents of its environmental reports and advertising claims.

The use of third-party verification is rapidly becoming an essential component of existing and emerging Greenhouse Gas programs and markets. Standardizing this process through accreditation and certification programs is critical to the success of any future regulatory program or market-driven program that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Third-party verification is mandatory for several North American programs including The Climate Registry, California Climate Action Registry and Chicago Climate Exchange. Organizations that provide verification services for these programs are required to become an accredited verification body through American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation program.

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