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CSDU Lapouyade landfill - Case Study


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The CSDU landfill site (Centre de Stockage des Déchets Ultimes) of Lapouvade is operated by SOVAL, a subsidiary of the CGEA ONYX group. The municipal solid waste for the landfill site comes from Bordeaux and the surrounding area. The two Type 3 containers from Jenbacher installed in 2004 use the biogas that is produced by methanogenesis of the rubbish on the landfill. The engines have a nominal electrical output of 1,065 kW. The thermal energy produced by the engines is used to treat the leachate thanks to a system of vacuum evaporation, which was developed by VEOLIA Propreté. The engine water circuit is directly connected to the treatment system of the leachate and the necessary thermal regulation is automatically controlled. The engines operate for 365 days a year and are constantly reviewed by a system of telemonitoring. A third engine was installed in 2006 once the site was extended.

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