CSO Treatment Technologies: A Comprehensive Design and Resource Manual


Courtesy of XCG Consultants Ltd.

Increasingly, municipal wastewater authorities are exploring new and innovative treatment technologies specifically designed for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). These technologies, when applied as part of an overall wastewater management strategy, can produce efficient and cost-effective solutions for CSOs. However, like all technologies, they
require systematic design and proper operation. In many cases, the basic information needed by municipal decision makers and their engineers to evaluate, select, and design CSO treatment technologies has been difficult to assemble. Recognizing this need, the Government of Canada, through the Great Lakes Sustainability Fund, retained XCG
Consultants, in association with several consultants, to develop a CSO Treatment Technologies Manual. The objectives of the manual are twofold: (a) to provide information about physical and physical-chemical CSO treatment technologies; and, (b) to assist users in the selection, design, and application of CSO treatment technologies.

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