Cumulative Environmental Impact Of Cascade Hydropower Dams Construction On The Water-River

Abstract Variation of environmental indices in cascade dams could be intensified in comparison with single dams. In cascade dams the intensification of long term negative impacts are more important than the impacts in single case dam. In addition, these impacts are more permanent and intense, so the precise study of cascade dams is indispensable. The main goal in this research is to study the impact of Shahid Abbaspoor, Karoon II, III, IV dams on the Karoon river and the cumulative environmental impacts on previously mentioned dams as a single or cascade dams. In this research, the impacts of these dams on water quality parameters (BOD, DO, TDS ,Temperature ) using HECQ5 model is studied. HECQ5 model has the capability of simulating river, reservoir system considering cumulative environmental impact approach. The case studies are simulated in various scenarios such as single reservoir (Shahid Abbaspoor Dam), double reservoir (Shahid Abbaspoor, Karoon II) , triple reservoir (Shahid Abbaspoor and Karoon II,III), and Shahid Abbaspoorand Karoon II,III,IV in both conventional and increasing pollution level and the variation of these parameters on the ecosystem are studied. According to the absence of major pollution in the conventional case , there would not be major dangerous impacts on the sense of parameters variation, although the increasing of the number of dams causes pollution increases which are sensitive to the population increase.

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