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Current Project #4 - Case Study


Location/Year: South Carolina/2019 Treatment: Bio Remediation, metals fixation
Volume of soil: 10k yd3
Contamination type(s): BTEX, Diesel Fuel, O & G, asbestos, mixed metals
Average level of contamination: 1 - 72,500 PPM
PRG site goal: various dependent upon contaminant

Location: South Carolina
Treatment: Mixed Bio and Fixation chemistry
Volume of soil: 10,000 yd3
Contamination type(s): BTEX, Diesel Fuel, O & G, Asbestos, Metals
Average level of contamination: 0 - 2,500 PPM
Peak levels of contamination: 2,500 PPM
Elapsed time for project: 1 year at various on site locations w/excavation but project currently 'on hold' due to economy
Elapsed time after completion prior to collecting confirmation samples: 14 Days
Number of confirmation samples to be collected: 100
PRG Site Goal:
Various levels dependent upon contaminant

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