Custom Pressurized Plastic Pipe Disposal Solution - Case Study


Courtesy of Waste Control Systems Inc


A large petro chemical company asked Waste Control Systems to solve a problem of pressurized plastic pipe after it had been tested for bursting strength. The QA test consisted of taking an eighteen inch section of pipe and welding caps on each end. One cap was solid and the other consisted of a fitting to allow air to be pumped into the section of pipe. A check valve was incorporated into this cap. The procedure was to connect the air supply to the pipe and submerse it in a tank of boiling water. The pipe was then pressurized to a certain PSI and if the sample did not rupture that batch passed. The issue was what to do with the pipe that had passed since it could potentially explode at any time once it was removed from the bath.


We designed a pneumatically operated tool that safely punctured the pipes under water where the potential for injury was minimal. The tool was tethered above the tank until the testing was done. The counter balance allowed the operator to move the tool into position to process the pipe.

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