Custom retrofit of desalination systems for Egyptian navy


Courtesy of LIFESTREAM Watersystems Inc.

Lifestream Watersystems Inc., a manufacturer of seawater and brackish water desalination systems, produces a line of skid mounted systems from 200 gallons per day to 300,000 gallons per day. One market that is served is the commercial marine market. A common request is for Lifestream to produce a modular, custom engineered system to fit into a specific space where previous equipment such as distillers has been located.

The Egyptian Navy had purchased a fleet of retired U.S. Navy frigates of the FFG Class over the years. These ships used twin evaporators to produce water for the ship's drinking supply and for boiler feed use. The evaporators were old and had become undependable and expensive to maintain. Lifestream was approached to supply reverse osmosis systems to replace the evaporators.

The project called for Lifestream to accomplish several tasks.

First, the Lifestream systems had to be modularized so that they could be moved into the space where the evaporators were located without any cutting of the ship. The original evaporators were installed when the ships were built, so were on the lower levels of the ship. Lifestream used the dimensions of the hatches and companionways of the route the R/O systems would Cake during the installation to plan the skid sizes.

Second, the R/O systems were arranged to fit into the space left when the evaporators were removed. This involved developing and building special foundations for the R/O systems to sit upon to make operation and service convenient. Lifestream worked with onsite engineers and the original specifications and schematics of the ship's design to accomplish this.

Third, Lifestream recommended an arrangement of twin 6000 gallon/day single stage R/O's to produce potable drinking water and a lower volume second stage R/O to produce high purity water for equipment use. The volume of water needed for equipment use was much, less, so this plan allowed the drinking water to be a higher TDS water which is more suitable for human use. The systems included a full range of prefiliration and post treatment equipment as well as a control panel that would interface with the ship's communication systems. Lifestream was present for final installation, inspection, startup and sea trials, plus training of the ship's crew in Egypt.

Outcome: The outcome was that R/O systems successfully replaced the earlier evaporators. By doing this, the Navy has enjoyed systems that are less expensive and easier to operate and maintain than the evaporators. They are quieter, lighter, smaller and more energy efficient and better provide the needs for water for the ship and the ship's crew.

Lifestream has been involved with similar retrofits for U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard ships and various commercial working ships, offshore drilling platforms and land based applications where Lifestream equipment has had to be installed in limited space.

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