Customer Success Story - Sunoco, Inc.


Courtesy of ENFOS, Inc.

At a Glance

Company: Sunoco is a leading manufacturer and marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products. With 825,000 barrels per day of refining capacity, approximately 4,700 retail sites selling gasoline, approximately 6,000 miles of crude oil and refined product pipelines and 43 product terminals, Sunoco is one of the largest independent refiner-marketers in the United States. Sunoco is a significant manufacturer of petrochemicals with an annual production capacity of approximately five billion pounds, largely chemical intermediates used to make fibers, plastics, film and resins. Sunoco's cokemaking facilities in the United States have the capacity to manufacture approximately 3.0 million tons annually of high-quality metallurgical-grade coke for use in the steel industry. Sunoco also is the operator of, and has an equity interest in, a 1.7 million tons-per-year cokemaking facility in Vitória, Brazil.

Location: Philadelphia, PA (corporate)

Industry: Oil and Gas, Chemicals

Results with ENFOS:

  • Direct project cost savings achieved by better project management, process management, financial controls, and data management
  • Reduced level of effort associated with laboratory deliverables, analysis, and reports
  • Better visibility of future risks and costs
  • Elimination of legacy systems and associated costs
  • Increased productivity of internal staff and environmental suppliers
  • Enhanced reporting and performance management capabilities


Sunoco selected ENFOS in 2005, as the new Remediation Project Management System for their multi-state portfolio consisting of approximately 1,000 projects. This allowed Sunoco to consolidate their multiple information management systems to a single, centrally controlled and managed web-based platform. During the first year of implementation (2006), Sunoco focused efforts on centralizing and streamlining electronic laboratory data and document management. Sunoco successfully converted from ad-hoc, manual processes managed by third-parties to an automated process controlled by the corporation. Cost savings were generated from level of effort reductions in various activities such as data preparation, review and analysis, reporting, and quality control. During 2007, Sunoco implemented core financial management functionality in ENFOS for budgeting, vendor proposals and contract releases, invoices, and reserves. Also in 2007, Sunoco deployed the ENFOS enterprise Geographical Information System (GIS) in conjunction with sensitive receptor information.


Like most corporations, Sunoco has the desire to improve performance and to be more cost effective. In an effort to better manage costs, remediation reserves, and risks, Sunoco deployed ENFOS. With a large portfolio of geographically diverse projects and environmental suppliers, legacy information systems were inadequate to ensure a more uniform work product, consistent business processes, and to enable corporate-wide performance management. Most importantly, Sunoco was challenged with aligning project and portfolio remediation progress with actual expenditures and planned future costs. Sunoco desired to have a single, centralized system for technical and financial information management and workflow automation that would support their objectives in meeting these challenges.


Sunoco has implemented all of the major business solutions provided by ENFOS including Technical Data Management, Document Management, Financial Management, Compliance Assurance, and GIS. Additionally, Sunoco purchases offsite risk management content (sensitive receptors, water well surveys, nearby contaminated land) from Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR) through the ENFOS application. This allows the EDR data to be included in a data verification process, viewed dynamically in maps, and queried in context with other pertinent site information data. ENFOS was deployed on a staged basis by core functionality based on the business needs and priorities.

ENFOS is also integrated with several Sunoco information management systems including the corporate Accounts Payable system, Facility/Real Estate Master system, and Incident Reporting system.

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