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Customers Problem - Results of Komax Scepter Direct Injection Steam Heater


Courtesy of Komax Systems, Inc.

A major industrial account in the state of Maine needed to heat a large rectangular tank of water in less then 30 minutes to provide quick startup to their production. After seeing the simplicity of the Komax 'Scepter' direct steam tank heater with no moving parts they ordered one.


The 6 inch diameter Scepter Heater was installed in August 1999. The unit operates with no vibration, noise or water hammer. The direct steam injection Scepter increases the temperature of the water from 80 degrees to 140 degrees F. Based on standard steam spargers the plant engineers had calculated the heating time would be at least thirty minutes. The engineer in charge of this new installation was amazed that the Komax Scepter Heater was able to achieve the temperature increase in just six minutes!!! This time savings has led to a quicker overall startup for their system and has been a significant money saver for the customer.

  • Tank size 6 x 6 x 20 feet
  • Tank volume 5,000 gallons of water
  • Steam flow rate 20,000 lbs/hr
  • Komax Scepter Size 6 inch, 150 lb. flanged unit
  • Heatup time -- 6 minutes for a 60 degree F rise
  • Vibration NONE
  • Water Hammer NONE

Design Example for the Komax Scepter direct injection steam heater

We have a tank volume of 10,000 gallons containing a water like product and wish to raise the temperature by 50° F in 30 minutes with 40 psig steam available. Our temperature rise is 100° F/hour. Enter the design graph at 10,000 gallons and move to the right to intercept the 100° F/hour line giving the saturated steam flow rate M required as 7,000 pounds/hour. Now move down this steam flow rate line to meet the 40 psig intercept. The graph shows we’ll need a three-inch pipe size heater.

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