Customisation the key for Lafarge

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LaFarge are enjoying increased efficiencies at their Brooksby quarry following the introduction of a turnkey 180tph sand and gravel washing plant from Northern Ireland company, CDE Ireland.

The plant has recently completed final commissioning and initial tests on the final products show a considerable improvement in quality when compared to the previous processing system being used at the site.

Brooksby quarry is located near Melton Mowbray is Leicestershire and is a relatively new addition to the LaFarge portfolio having opened for business in 2007. The company has a licence to extract 300,000 tons of sand and gravel at the site, which at current capacity will allow for fifteen years production. The site will be progressively restored as extraction progresses to become agricultural land and a complex of lakes.

The sustainability agenda is one that LaFarge take very seriously, as can be seen by their membership of seventeen wildlife trusts in the UK alone. While LaFarge are rightly recognised as one of the most prominent names in the global construction materials market, their work in the UK is characterised by a commitment to local community groups and initiatives.

“We rely on the local communities we serve in many ways” explains Andy Morris, Southern Regional Manager with LaFarge. “LaFarge Aggregates have over 200 sites throughout the UK and the vast majority of these operations are managed on a day to day basis by people from the local area.”

In addition to the 200 sites operated by LaFarge Aggregates in the UK, the LaFarge group also operate 30 recycling centres processing a variety of materials including used rail ballast, concrete, asphalt, bricks and other demolition wastes.

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