Cytec seamlessly migrates 60 years of critical data; enhances product stewardship - Case study


Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

The Situation
Cytec Industries is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals and materials companies with sales, laboratory and manufacturing locations in over 35 countries worldwide. Cytec has made safety and environment two of its top core values. The company strives to be an industry leader in setting the pace in procedures, programs, and most importantly, performance relating to safety, health, and the environment.

Over the past few years, the responsibilities of Cytec’s toxicology department has expanded from U.S. based hazard communication, product registrations and chemical inventories to corresponding sets of complex requirements in other countries and languages around the world. In addition, the nature of Cytec’s business today requires more people to have access to the toxicology system, both to input and to access critical information.

Driven by growing global product regulations and the critical need to readily support global business units dealing with new products, acquisitions, and product sales, Cytec required a comprehensive, customized material compliance solution that ensured data quality and compliance, while reducing product liability. This new system would be the foundation for future global materials compliance and replace a 60 year-old legacy system.

The Challenge
Cytec’s in-house legacy system contained 60 years of historical data, 15,000- product data information and attributes, 120,000 (M)SDS and labels in ten languages and various hazard communication document templates.

As Cytec expanded, the need for a central and scalable materials compliance solution became critical. Cytec required a solution that would enable them to efficiently migrate all historical data, offer expanded language capabilities, interface with order processing, provide intranet and Internet (M)SDS distribution and streamline their product stewardship procedures.

Further, Cytec developed a set of business and technical requirements for a new system and created a data model of the current system. It was crucial for Cytec not to lose any of its current functionality.

Ultimately, Cytec needed a vendor and system that would:

  • Accurately migrate more than 60 years of legacy data, including 10,000 (M)SDSs and over 9,000 labels in 10 languages
  • Customize a solution to automate their company specific “Product Steward Compliance Form Process”
  • Meet their multilingual and global requirements
  • Allow direct system access, globally to more than a 100 users

The Response
Because Cytec’s in-house legacy system was comprehensive and central to all global business activity, Cytec performed a very comprehensive hazard communication vendor evaluation. This process included involving The Gartner Group (Gartner) as a third party consultant to help source, evaluate and select a vendor.

For over 20 years, Gartner’s research and advisory services have helped its clients leverage technology to achieve business success. For Cytec, Gartner determined key requirements and scanned the market for the most advanced regulatory compliance software. After investing a significant amount of time researching and interviewing thirteen vendors, Gartner recommended UL The Wercs as the solution that could efficiently meet Cytec’s present and future demand.

The Result
The Cytec implementation was complex and required over 600 tasks. The standard implementation allowed Cytec:

  • The ability to readily create and format (M)SDS, with increased language support including double byte languages
  • Integrated product regulatory data
  • Complete intranet based access to data and reports
  • Interface capabilities with order processing and plant labeling systems

One of the major custom requirements critical to Cytec’s systems and processes for ensuring product regulatory compliance and minimizing product liability was the development of an on-line data entry Product Steward Compliance Form (PSCF) to replace their current manual method. The PSCF is a key Cytec tool for collecting and maintaining product data and a pre-requisite required for all materials before the manufacturing process or any product is shipped.

The customization performed by UL The Wercs further allowed Cytec to:

  • Gain efficiencies associated with eliminating the manual method
  • Instill a greater sense of data ownership to product stewards
  • Facilitate data maintenance
  • Foster enhanced data quality
  • Access the system from remote locations

“I am proud to say we had a push button data conversion experience with UL The Wercs,” said Robert Crawford, manager of the Global Hazard Communications Programs with Cytec. “It is a testimony to the project management team that we achieved all key milestones for a complex project with over 600 tasks.”

Today, UL The Wercs serves as a core element to the global environmental health and safety function at Cytec. More than x countries access the system to facilitate commerce, advance regulatory compliance and ensure the health and safety of its workers and their communities.

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