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Dam rehabilitation paper - Case Study


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Polymeric Cellular Confinement Systems, (CCS), are a class of composite material, developed during the past fifteen years, for use in areas of slope and channel protection, load support and gravity retaining structures. The key component of these systems is a type of geosynthetic known generically as a Geocell. These flexible, three-dimensional, open cell assemblies are expanded into position and infilled with selected materials such as aggregate, topsoil or concrete. They can provide effective and economical means of protecting and rehabilitating dams and related structures. Specific uses of CCS's described in this Paper are:

  • Armoring of the upstream face of earth-fill dams and dikes with concrete-filled CCS revetments.
  • Protection of a geosynthetic membrane with a crest-anchored CCS concrete revetment on the steep
    upstream face of a rock-fill dam.
  • Surface protection of the crest and downstream face of earth-fill embankments that are exposed to
    overtopping and storm run-off.
  • Provision of anchored, concrete-filled, CCS linings for spillways, stilling basins and outlet works.
  • Increasing the crest elevation of existing structures with free-standing multi-layered CCS gravity

The Paper presents design concepts, parameters and methods, and compares CCS treatments with alternative protection techniques. Installation methods and typical installed costs are also discussed.

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