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Dam security and underwater attacks

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According to DHS (2007) dams provide a wide range of important economic, environmental, and social benefits. These benefits include: recreation, flood control, water storage, irrigation, mine tailings, electric generation, debris control, and navigation (see Figure 1; DHS 2007). Their destruction through intentional attack can largely impact the economy and public safety.  Dam security is crucially required these days due to the growing terror threats against the United States (U.S.), U.S. Allies. and other countries.  Bhakra Nangal dam as shown in Figure 2, which is India's first hydroelectric project recently considered the number one target for underwater attacks.  Bhakra dam figures prominently on the terrorists hit list due to potential of large scale damage downstream in various states, including Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan (Indian Express 2011).  This article utilizes Bhakra Nangal dam as an example for the analysis. Also, this short article is intended to examine the possibility and the negative impacts of underwater attacks against dams.

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