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Damage identification based on vibration data

Structural damage identification, localisation and quantification is receiving attention world over. Developments in sensor technology, modal testing brought out immense technical advancements in modal–based damage detection methods. Advances in modal–based damage detection methods over the last few decades produced new techniques for examining vibration data for identification of structural damage. In this paper, studies carried out using different approaches based on traditional model and advanced non–model–based methods, for damage identification have been presented. The damage identification studies are carried out based on the dynamic properties of the structure such as frequencies, mode shapes and their derivatives and also using advanced techniques such as neural networks and genetic algorithms. The effectiveness of these methods and usefulness of different parameters such as change in frequency, mode shape, modal curvature and strain energy for identification, localisation and quantification of damage are presented in the paper.

Keywords: damage identification, structural damage, frequency, mode shape, transfer matrix, genetic algorithms, modal curvature, strain energy, damage localisation, damage quantification, neural networks, vibration data, modal–based detection, damage detection

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