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Damping power system oscillations by genetically optimised PSS and TCSC controller

This paper presents a procedure for modelling and simultaneous tuning of parameters of Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) controller and Power System Stabiliser (PSS) in a power system to damp power system oscillations. First, a simple transfer function model of TCSC controller is developed and the parameters of TCSC and PSS are simultaneously optimised. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is employed for optimisation of the parameter-constrained non-linear optimisation problem. The results obtained from simulations are presented to validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. The approach is effective for the tuning of multiple controllers in a power system so that they operate in a coordinated manner. Further, the simulation results show that the proposed TCSC controller is also effective in damping a range of small disturbance conditions in the power system. Further, the TCSC controller is found to be robust and ensures stability of the power system for different operating conditions.

Keywords: power system stability, thyristor controlled series compensator, TCSC, optimisation, power system stabiliser, simultaneous tuning, genetic algorithms, GA, low frequency oscillations, power systems, oscillation damping, simulation

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