Bjørnkjær Maskinfabrik A/S

Danfoss, Nordborg, Denmark - Case Study


Courtesy of Bjørnkjær Maskinfabrik A/S

  • ELTS 1500
  • Capacity of 1500 l/h

This plant treats oil emulsion from the metal working industry.

The feeding water has a content of oil of 5-10%.

Through a 2 step evaporator the liquid is being reduced, resulting in a content of oil of 90-95%, which is high enough for being used as fuel. The 2 steps consist of one natural circulation evaporator and one flash evaporator.

The heat for working the plant comes from Danfoss’ power station with 140°C hot water. This is used for
evaporating the liquid inside the evaporator. The water from the central heating is used for cooling in the condenser.
This means the plant delivers 75°C hot water for space heating on site.

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