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Dangerous chemicals can pollute the air in indoor swimming pools.


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You are looking after the quality of your swimming pool water but what about the indoor air quality too? Swimming pools (and swimming pool plant rooms) can release all sorts of 'nasties' into the poolside environment and accidents happen all too often. Help to protect your staff, bathers and spectators alike with this sophisticated electronic air monitoring & warning system NEW from PPM Technology Ltd and manufactured in Wales.

This Wireless Monitoring system will continuosly detect and record the following parameters:

Carbon Dioxide  -  Carbon Monoxide   -  Chlorine  -  Ammonia  -  Air Temperature & Relative Humidity.

Chlorine products are used in swimming pool to prevent growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. Nitrogen pollution produced from organic derivatives. (sweat, urine) The combination of the Cl2 & N2 containing compounds reacting together can produce Trichloramine (NCl3). NCl3 can produce the same effect as Tear gas and can be found in dangerous levels in indoor pools.

Readings are streamed wirelessly to a PC for 24hr 7/7 real-time display and information data storage. Maximum high and low level alarms can be set for each parameter which will show an alert on screen (& sound an audible alarm - supplied extra) if the levels are reached or exceeded. 

The system is expandable employing Zig-Bee® wireless mesh network technology and can be used to manage many monitors at the same time all communicating with each other to automatically configure the optimum route for sending readings back to the host PC. If any monitor(s) fail(s) the system will automatically re-configure itself to find the best alternative route for sending readings back to the host PC. Ethernet Access Point (EAP) can be added to the network which allows the wireless modules to be accessed from any location world-wide via the internet.

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