Data center energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon offset investment best practices


Learn how to green your organization’s energy consumption, and achieve both energy savings and public relations benefits with this comprehensive guide. Get actionable advice on energy sustainability from green pioneers in IT.

Many IT firms with large data centers and other energy intensive operations are adopting cutting-edge strategies to reduce their substantial energy costs and environmental impact. Your organization – whatever size or sector – can gain a market advantage by understanding these strategies.

“Data Center Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Carbon Offset Investment Best Practices: A Guide to Greening Your Organization’s Energy Consumption” is written by energy analysts with an in-depth understanding of green investment. This 100-plus page report provides a detailed look at the latest best practices in this rapidly growing space.

You’ll find analyses of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to investing in energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offsets. You’ll learn key information that will prepare you to develop a scalable, low-risk, and cost-effective green energy investment strategy.

Among many other things, readers will learn about:

  • The cascading benefits of investing in demand-side data center efficiency
  • The pros and cons of pursuing direct carbon emission reductions through efficiency investments – versus pursuing indirect carbon emission reductions through the purchase of environmental commodities
  • The types of cogeneration and fuel cell generation systems, their pros and cons, and how they can advance an organization’s energy efficiency and environmental goals
  • The types of data center cooling systems (including free cooling) and methods of airflow management that maximize data center energy efficiency
  • The range of renewable energy investment options and the advantages and disadvantages of those options
  • The difference between investing in bundled RECs, unbundled RECs, and offsets from renewable energy projects – and how to evaluate which commodity may be the best investment for your organization
  • The relative effective cost of Scope 2 emission reductions sourced from bundled RECs, unbundled RECs, carbon offsets, on-site fuel cell generation, and on-site solar PV generation
  • The best way to communicate your organization’s green investments to key stakeholders and the public to achieve maximum credibility and public relations benefits.

Who should read this report

If you need to quickly make sense of the many available data center energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon offset investment options, then this report is for you.

We’ve interviewed industry experts and gathered key insights and analyzed data from hundreds of resources including industry reports, regulatory agency reports, academic journals, news articles, company presentations and vendor websites. We assess the relative merits of investment options to help you and your team develop an integrated greening and communications strategy. This report acts as a valuable guide, whether you’re a data center manager looking to cut energy costs or an executive seeking insight into how to best meet corporate sustainability targets.

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