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Data governance for SoS

Data governance is a central element in a system of systems (SoS). Data governance includes clearly defined authority to create and enforce data policies and procedures within a SoS. Without formal data governance, disconnected and unregulated data requirements within the constituent sub–systems often result in duplicative data storage, invalid data, and the inability to have reliable data for decision making. The focus of governance boards must shift to include the management of the data verses solely focusing on the configuration and funding of physical systems. An enterprise approach to data governance that includes: 1) roles and responsibilities; 2) resourcing to support the roles; and 3) inclusion of robust data architectures are essential to ensuring the viability of SoS. This paper will provide background on data governance, how it is viewed in the private sector, universities, the United States Department of Defense and Department of the Navy and concludes with recommendations for the institution of data governance in support of Navy SoS.

Keywords: system of systems, SoS, data governance

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