Data Management: Best Management Practices


Data Management Best Management Practices

 Benefits of Site Data Management

  • Enhances communications by providing project team access
  • to the data
  • Facilitates rapid data retrieval and analysis
  • Ensures data integrity and control – data security
  • Maximize confidence and certainty associated with data
  • Provides for data to be transitioned to clients/owners
  • Complies with contract requirements
  • Provide data that are of known quality for legal and technical
  • defensibility

 Consequences of Poor Site Data Management

  • Garbage in and garbage out
  •  Interpretation of bad data means bad results
  •  Low productivity - inefficiencies
  •  Lack of process and accountability
  •  Limited or no access to data
  •  Version control problems
  •  Loss of team cohesion and cooperation
  •  Impact of reputation as a good data provider

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