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September 11, 2001 redefined how any of us would all see the world from that point forward, surreally changing the landscape of a proud and noble city, while instantly challenging what we thought were unshakable pillars of strength and safety. As I watched the news unfold on CNN, my mind could not seem to focus on any other point than knowing that somewhere in the all of the dust and smoke were the men and women that proudly and unselfishly wore the title of First Responder. These honourable people, no matter their uniform, were all sons and daughters. Many were also fathers and mothers, many husbands and wives. All were friends. All were family. Most importantly however is that while everyone else was running out to escape the horror that surrounded them, all were, without hesitation, running back in. My father, knowing what I did for a living, feared that if this could happen to an iconic city like New York, that it could, and may, happen to any city in the world.

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