Day Trip to Porterville

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As a whole, EcoloBlue‘s mission is to provide safe and clean drinking water to those who do not have it. That’s the bottom line. And what is one of the worst hit areas in California? East Porterville. One of our Sales Representatives, Dexter Fernandez, and myself, Heather Jepsen (Operations Manager), decided to take a road trip down to Porterville yesterday to see and hear first hand what is going on down there. We wanted to donate an EcoloBlue home/office machine to Pastor Hernandez, who runs the Iglesia Emmanuel in Porterville. We also met Nick Janes from CBS13 Sacramento, and cameraman, Mike Lowry at the church. We learned about Pastor Hernandez through a news story on the drought that Nick organized, in which we were also a part. He wanted to do a follow up since we were brought together through his stories. Andrew Lockman, Manager of the Tulare County of Emergency Services, also made an appearance and looked over our machine.

When we arrived at the church, we were warmly greeted by Pastor Hernandez, Nick, and Mike, and spent several hours with the pastor. We brought the machine into the church, showed him how to use it, and let him know the benefit of setting the timer and allowing it to produce water at night when their humidity level is the highest. He also showed us around the property. We were able to see the container filled with water from the county, that he distributes to the residents. They also have 2 shower trailers on site for residents to use. One for handicap, and one that is split between a men’s section and a women/children section. This is apparently costing the county $30,000 a month to rent. They were only supposed to have it on site for 6 months, but it has been extended.

The whole time we were there, residents were coming and going to pick up cases of drinking water. We also heard some of their stories such as one trying to share water (plumbing) with their neighbors, but apparently that is illegal to do now. One resident spoke of a quote of a $16,000 to replace the well on his property. He has to move. And the pastor spoke of one gentleman who refused to take a donation of water, because he did not want to take it from someone doing “this” for the fame. By “this”, he meant doing these news stories. It was very disappointing to hear that someone was being skeptical, and refusing something his family greatly needs, because they had a false impression of the pastor.

There are so many people who need help, and we should look highly on, and appreciate what people like Pastor Hernandez are donating their time to do.

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