De Blauwe Bak recycling moves into cover-all building


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Location: Netherlands
Application: Recycling Sorting Facility
Building Series: TITAN® Low Slope
Building Size: 131' w x 131' l (39.9m x 39.9m)

This summer, De Blauwe Bak Recycling completed a large expansion of their sorting operation in Heerhugowaard. Owner Frank Koopman decided last year to cover a large part of his building site rather than facing the problems involved with the mandatory collection and cleaning of run-off rain water.

After an extensive orientation, Cover-All, a special type building from Canada, became first choice for the expansion. The new building of 131' w x 131' l (39.9m x 39.9m) is a fabric covered steel construction made of special ViperSteel, which after galvanizing receives 3 special coating applications. Cover-All's exclusive polyethelene DuraWeave fabric is designed to provide a durable and watertight application and allows a high degree of translucency during the daylight hours.

De Blauwe Bak Recycling chose a combination of green and white, which allows the building (with its lower part of 6 meters high in green) to blend in better with the surrounding trees. The standard TITAN Low Slope model has been installed with special leg extension to create more working height along the sides of the building. The 49.2' (14.9m) high ridge includes a ventilation opening. The special side curtains along the length of the building create additional ventilation. The 13.1' (3.9m) high curtains roll from the top down, which allows for the possibility of a small opening, well above working height. For optimal use, the Cover-All building and the existing metal clad building are connected through one common door opening. A fabric weather flap has been installed between the buildings along the roof line to prevent rain water from entering between the buildings.

With this additional 17222 sq ft (1600m2) of covered working area, which will be provided with a watertight asphalt floor, the Blauwe Bak is ready for future expansion while simultaneously meeting current regulatory requirements.

The additional benefits of a short delivery and installation period, the very low maintenance and illumination costs, but certainly also the attractive investment (compared to a traditional type building) certainly helped to confirm Frank Koopman's choice. 'We have chosen Cover-All for various reasons. Of course, the level of total investment is important, but the right functionality is what counts every day of the week. We needed a building with a high ridge for our crane, good working height along the sides, day light for (low cost) working conditions, but also very good ventilation possibilities. When we dump a container of building materials we get large dust clouds. The design of the eaves, in combination with the ridge vent, allows for constant air flow, even when the side curtains are up, and clear the inside quickly of dust clouds.' The Cover-All building at De Blauwe Bak Recycling was supplied by Cover-All Benelux, the Authorized dealer for Cover-All located in Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands, who also supplied Brussel Compost in Belgium with a Cover-All TITAN building for their composting process.

In the second compost hall, the organic materials are allowed to process for another 40 days. To hydrate the organic material, a 3500-gallon reservoir of potable water is utilized to control moisture levels.

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