De-chlorination Application – Proctor and Gamble, NC., USA.


Courtesy of Hanovia Ltd - a Halma Company

Hanovia Photon UV Systems.
Installation Date 2001

System Configuration –
Two Hanovia Photon PMD320G4 Dechlorination and Disinfection Systems, complete with Certified UVC Lamps, Validated UV Monitors, Lamp Power Switching, UV Dose Control, and optional Quartz Sleeve Automatic Wipers.

Variable Flow: Up to 180 usgpm (40.9m3/hr) per stream

Water Quality: Pre R.O. filtered city water.


P & G Charlotte USA had previously dechlorinated their plant water using sodium metabisulfite. It was necessary to do a high pH cleaning on membranes once or twice per week. Bisulfite appeared to be responsible for introducing microbes, as well as increased conductivity of feedwater downstream of the bisulfite injection point.

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