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Dead pigs found in Huangpu River hit 2,800


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The number of dead pigs found in Shanghai’s Huangpu River has increased to 2,800 after an additional 1,600 corpses were fished out.

Labels pinned in the ears of the pigs for tracing purposes have indicated they come from the upper reaches of Jiaxing City in east China’s Zhejiang Province.

Local media in the Jiaxing region has reported residents dumping dead pigs into the river since March 4th. Jiaxing authorities admitted that the dumping happened, but pointed out the labels on the ears only indicate the birthplace of the animals.

Laboratory tests found porcine circovirus in one water sample taken from the Huangpu River. The virus can spread among pigs but not to human beings. All other tests on the river water came up negative.

According to Shanghai’s water supply bureau, water quality in Shanghai has not been affected by the floating pig cadavers.

Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture Chen Xiaohua says all the dead pigs fished out have ensured the pigs will not come into contact with the public.

Vice Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, Chen Xiaohua, said, 'We have noticed the reports about the dead pigs fished out of the Huangpu River and urged the authorities governing animal epidemic prevention in Shanghai and Zhejiang to investigate and properly handle the incident. All the dead pigs fished out have been disposed of.'

'According to the epidemic monitoring results, there is no large-scale animal epidemic in the region. The monitoring results for the past few months show the overall situation concerning animal epidemic prevention and control is stable.'

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