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Decision Support Software for Designing Monitoring Plans

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Abstract: The Monitoring and Remediation Optimization System (MAROS) software has been developed by the Tech Transfer Division of the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) to provide site managers a strategy for formulating appropriate long-term groundwater monitoring programs that can be implemented at lower costs. The MAROS software optimizes a site-specific monitoring program that is currently tracking the occurrence of contaminant migration in groundwater. MAROS is a decision support tool based on statistical methods applied to site-specific data that account for relevant current and historical site data as well as hydrogeologic factors (e.g. seepage velocity) and the location of potential receptors (e.g., wells, discharge points, or property boundaries). Based on this site-specific information the software suggests an optimization plan for the current monitoring system in order to efficiently achieve the termination of the monitoring program. For example, plumes that appear to be decreasing in extent, based on adequate monitoring data over several years, are analyzed statistically to determine the strength and reliability of the trend. If it can be demonstrated statistically through primary lines of evidence (i.e. Mann-Kendall Analysis and/or Linear Regression Analysis) and/or secondary lines of evidence (modeling or empirical) that the plume is shrinking with a high degree of confidence, then future monitoring can either be suspended or reduced in scope.

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