Decisively enhancing the Standard Trading Company Tyczka embosses sap ogsd-development / new functionalities case study


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The Tyczka Energie GmbH in Geretsried, Munich, proved that a company with 20 employees can also benefit from a SAP® solution. As a commercial enterprise for liquid gas, Tyczka depends on speedy order entries as well as a flexible logistic system. In the past Tyczka already learned to appreciate the advantages of an SAP system. When it was time to replace their individual solution, an alternative presented itself that combined their tailored-made solution with a standard solution: SAP® OGSD, developed by Implico.

Parting with the old system was not that easy for Tyczka. “Over the years we enhanced our SAP system and it worked really well,” explains Dr. Frank Götzelmann, Managing Director and responsible for IT in the Tyczka-Holding. Like this, a unique solution with outstanding, highly efficient functionalities emerged. In 2003 Tyczka separated their commercial- and consumer transactions and the latter entered a joint venture with TOTAL; two independent companies were created, who
both needed their own individual solutions. “In addition to that,” Ralf Bursch, Assistant Vice-President and Manager Liquid Gas Division mentions: “our individual development wasn’t fit for maintenance and releases anymore.”

“We did some market research to find a business solution. Implico, being very close to that sector, had excellent references in the oil industry.“ Dr. Götzelmann justifies their choice of service provider. “It was the combination of costs, consulting, and functionality that convinced us.“ Implico – development partner of SAP AG and responsible for SAP® OGSD (Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution) – also offered a unique advantage: converting the highly efficient functionalities that Tyczka new from the customized design into an official SAP standard. “In terms of a new system, we were technologically very open-minded. We were also willing to break away from SAP,” says Dr. Götzelmann. “We, first of all, wanted our special functions like the telesales customer information, or the ‘best price calculation’ again, if needed, as a customized design. The fact that we now have that in SAP again – as a standard solution – is so much better of course.”

Rapid Implementation
First the customized Tyczka system was analyzed; it left the Implico-team enthused. “It was a customized system for business processes, it was great,” says Implico Project Manager Rebecca Drenckhan. Then the transfer of the functionalities into the SAP standard followed, the installation and integration of the components into the Implico data center as well as the data migration. Apart from SAP® R/3®, SAP Oil and Gas, and SAP OGSD, Implico also implemented an electronic archive (d.3 of d.velop) as well as the Crefo-solution of Command AG for the online credit assessment. In addition to that, a telephone system was integrated and a fax-server was set-up that automates and accelerates the workflow. After about only seven months project runtime, the new system was ready to be activated. “It was a particularly tight time-frame in which Implico realized an extremely complex project,” praises the Tyczka Managing Director. “The problems were always solved promptly, partially night-work!” The results left the customer with a lasting impression. “Implico mapped our earlier system, with which we were very satisfied, explicitly, we can find all of our functionalities again,” says Ralf Bursch.

Customer Information
The new, yet proven functionalities in SAP OGSD combined all the businessand IT processes to a central level, exactly where it is needed. One of these levels is the front-end for the telemarketers, providing a user interface with all the necessary information, that are activated when the customers call. What and how much has the customer taken? What is the credit line and payment history? At the same time a credit assessment in real-time takes place and safety mechanisms are activated when certain limits are exceeded. This functionality is enhanced through the integrated telephone system. The system immediately recognizes the caller, and informs the employee through pop-ups.

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