Decolorisation of exhausted reactive dye bath using ozonator for reuse

Exhausted Reactive dye bath samples of Turquoise Blue, Olive Green and Navy Blue shades were collected from cotton knit wear dyeing units in Tirupur. Ozonation was conducted in a column reactor system fed with ozone at the rate of 0.16 g/min to assess its efficiency in reducing the color, chemical oxygen demand and total organic carbon. Complete decolorization of the effluent was achieved in 10 min contact time and ozone consumption of 153 mg/L for Turquoise Blue, 128 for Olive Green and 143 for Navy Blue shades effluents respectively. The corresponding COD removal was 43 %, 44 % and 43 % for the three shades while TOC removal efficiency was 45 %, 45 % and 40% respectively. The results from the reusability studies indicate that the dyeing quality was not affected by the reuse of decolorized dye bath for two successive cycles. It is concluded that ozonation is efficient in decolorization of exhausted dye bath effluents containing conventional reactive dyes. However, the corresponding removal of COD from the textile effluent was not significant.

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