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Decontamination of fume hood contaminated with tritiated thymidin



  • Contaminated in 2003 with Tritiated-Thymidine
    • Inadvertently volatilized
  • From 2003 to 2007, have been attempting decon
    • Still contaminated after almost monthly attempts
    • Tried both soap/water and Radiacwash
  • RSO will not release until counts are at background

Proposed Solution

Polymer-hydrogel strippable-coating from Cellular Bioengineering Inc. (CBI)


  • Spot tests demonstrated to RSO that gel was capable of removing tritiated-thymidine contamination
  • Gained approval to continue decon efforts
  • Removed expendable materials and put in radioactive waste
  • Painted hood with 2 formulations of gel for comparison
    • ½ Decon 1001
    • ½ Decon 1001EXP
  • Gel applied and allowed to set for 3 days


  • Tried two formulations in development
    • Decon Gel 1001
      • Polymer B + Thixotrope A
    • Decon 1001EXP
      • Polymer B + Thixotrope B
  • Multiple surfaces of hood
    • Glass
    • Painted metal
    • Cement board countertop
    • Copper pipe


  • Decon Gel 1001 was preferred for application and removal ease
  • Decon of tritiated-thymidine accomplished
  • Leaching controlled after one month
  • Hood checked again 11 weeks later
    • Additional coat was applied to area still contaminated
    • Leaching still controlled

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