Decontamination showers for the pharmaceutical industry

Removing contamination from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is part of the daily routine for many workers in the pharmaceutical industry. They shower when leaving laboratories, production or packing areas to prevent the escape of potentially harmful contaminants. In some instances, they may even shower before entering production areas to avoid contaminating vulnerable processes.

Hughes has a range of specialist PPE decontamination showers

There are basically two types. Both can be temporary installations or permanently plumbed into the mains water supply and effluent collection system.

Damping showers produce a fine mist to trap contaminants on the surface of protective suits and therefore prevent the release of airborne particles when the suit is removed.

Deluge showers wash off contamination and remove it completely from protective clothing.

Which one?

The choice of shower depends on the working environment, location and the substances being handled. Both types can be customised to suit site requirements and can be supplied as walk-through or stand in units.

Damping showers are fitted within a cubicle. For walk through applications, they can be designed to fit within or against a doorway – usually between the ‘dirty’ working area and a changing room. Ten nozzles positioned overhead, at chest height and waist level dampen the protective clothing in seconds. Infra red detectors automatically start the shower when someone steps inside and then stop the shower when they leave. This avoids the need to touch any operating devices and therefore prevent the transfer of contamination.

Deluge showers are available for wall mounting and with enclosures for stand-in or walk through installation. The duration of showering can be controlled by a timer, and interlocks fitted to prevent the person leaving the shower cubicle until the shower stops. In addition to an overhead shower nozzle, these showers can be fitted with a hand held hose brush to assist cleaning. Chemical inducers are also available for two-stage decontamination – first, a detergent is added to the water to assist cleaning and then in the second stage water alone is used to rinse the protective clothing. As an alternative to the standard venturi inducers, high precision units are available when particularly accurate metering is required.

No one offers such a wide choice and only Hughes has the experience to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry so effectively.

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