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Deep and Dirty - Derby Sewage Treament Works Inlet tank


Courtesy of Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

Derby STW had a significant problem with float switches 'ragging-up' in this very large inlet works. Other ultrasonic equipment failed and the customer did not believe an ultrasonic solution could work.....until Pulsar became involved.

Pulsar Process Measurement supplied non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement equipment into the main transfer pumping station at Severn Trent Derby STW, in an application where other manufacturers had failed to provide a reliable signal. The arrangement of the site and surrounding land makes an overflow unacceptable.

The maintenance on float switches was an unpleasant chore for site staff, with heavy ragging of floats and false alarm signals produced. A non-contacting solution was imperative.

The Pulsar Advanced 120 level controller coupled with dB15 transducer is now providing reliable measurement, so much so that with the exception of ultimate high level alarms, the float switches are being removed.

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