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Deep Well Measurement


Courtesy of Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd.

Pulsar's superior echo processing was proven once again in this difficult very deep Welsh wet well application featuring a 23m 'shot' that needed to follow the level between the heads of two submersible pumps.

The reliability and versatility of the advanced echo processing technology in Pulsars non-contact ultrasonic range has been utilised at the SwanseaWasteWater TreatmentWorks, in a 23m deep application where other manufacturers had failed to provide a reliable low level signal.

In order to minimise problems, such as pump clogging, resulting from solids accumulations, a wet well cleaning cycle routine was designed into the pump cycle, requiring low level control below the pump heads.

The Pulsar Level Star 110 and dB40 transducer now provide continuous and reliable low level measurement allowing the above routine to be included in the normal pump cycle.

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