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Deepwell injection


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Project profile: BP Chemicals

End User: BP Chemicals
Location: Lima, Ohio
Commissioned: November 2000
Units: (2) FDB-64P Hydromation, Deep Bed Filter
Flow Rate: 1,300 gpm
Process: Solids removal prior to deep well disposal

Process Description

BP Lima Chemicals manufactures many, different chemical products and intermediate chemical compounds for the chemical and plastics industries. Acrylonitrile is just one of the many products produced at this facility.
BP was processing all of their plant wastewater with gravity settling in a clarifier and then filtering the water through sand filters prior to injecting the water into four, deep disposal wells. This water contains very fine precipitated particles (1.0 micron). Fine filtration is required to prevent plugging of the injection well formations.

This is seen by plant operations as increased backpressure on their injection pumps and eventual decrease in flow rate due to limited fluid path in the formation.

On a good day, when chemical treatment was consistent, the sand filters would remove approximately 8-10% of the solids prior to injection. The water stream contains anywhere from 20-80 mg/l of suspended solids, and varies from hour to hour.

The Hydromation Deep Bed Filters are currently producing effluent water that contains no more than 4.0 mg/l and usually less than 1-2 mg/l. Since the installation of the Hydromation Filters, there has been no decrease in water injection rate due to backpressure created from formation plugging.

Hydromation is a licensed trademark of Petreco International.

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