Deeside laundry enjoys reduced gas bills following installation of gem steamtraps


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Leading Merseyside based linen and work wear rental company and laundry, Deeside Laundry, is enjoying saving of 15% on its gas bills and lower maintenance costs following the replacement of its mechanical steam traps with award winning Thermal Energy International’s GEM venturi orifice traps.  Thermal Energy International has installed 30 GEM steam traps throughout the laundry’s two sites.

Steam is used extensively throughout the laundry in the operation of tumble dryers, steam presses and ironing machines.  Prior to the installation of the GEM Venturi orifice steam traps, Deeside Laundry found its mechanical traps were failing open, closed and partially open.  As the traps were not regularly inspected, it was often sometime before it was found that the mechanical traps had failed, by which time the blocked steam traps were impacting on steam production by not returning condensate back to the boiler. 

Having struggled to find a steam trap that would work successfully, Managing Director, Jonathan Cross looked around for a solution.  The answer came with the GEM Venturi orifice steam trap, which has no moving parts to wedge open or fail.

Following a successful trial of the GEM traps with a tumble dryer, Jonathan Cross organised GEM’s engineering team to carry out a full survey of the laundry.  Now Deeside Laundry is saving 10% in energy costs alone, which over a ten-year period will equate to £54,000. 

“We were really impressed with the trial and decided to gradually convert both sites to GEM”, said Jonathan Cross.  “As soon as we buy new machinery we arrange for them to be fitted GEM steam traps.  Since we installed GEM traps throughout the site, not one trap has failed and maintenance, blockages and replacement costs are a thing of the past”.

Instead of utilising a valve mechanism to close off steam, the highly efficient GEM steam traps use the patented venturi orifice design to effectively drain condensate from the steam system. As the GEM steam traps have no moving parts to wedge open or fail, it provides the ultimate in reliability necessitating only minimal maintenance and requiring no spares, testing or monitoring equipment.  

Available in a wide range of sizes for a full cross section of applications, the hardwearing GEM steam traps are manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel and are guaranteed for 10 years, obviating the need for repair or replacement.  The GEM steam traps can provide a fast payback from reduced energy costs and increased equipment reliability. In addition they can improve product processing by enhancing the quality of steam which in turn reduces equipment repairs, downtime and replacement costs.  Ends

About Deeside Laundry

Founded in 1889 and still a family run business, Deeside Laundry offers a full range of laundry solutions to a wide range of companies across the North West and North Wales. The company’s core business is the rental and cleaning of linen and workwear along with our other supplementary products and services, such as washroom services and dust/dirt control mats.

About GEM

Thermal Energy International Inc. acquired GEM in 2008.  An innovative technology company, Thermal Energy is providing award winning energy recovery, conservation and bio-energy solutions, which provide significant financial and environmental benefits to customers. Thermal Energy is a Canadian publicly traded company with shares listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX) under the symbol “TMG”. For more information or visit and

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