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Defender Compact Pre-treatment Plant


Courtesy of Toro Equipment S.L.

Ideal for pretreatment of urban wastewater. The Defender® compact pre-treatment plant (CPP) is composed of one single item of equipment that performs several processes: Grinding – Desanding – Degreasing.


  • Defender® Channel screen conveyor (CSC) or compactor.
  • 2 Defender® Transport screws (TS): Longitudinal and sloping.
  • Desanding and degreasing vat.
  • Scraper system made of fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP).

Once the solids have been screened, compacted and de-sanded, the equipment is provided with a sprinkling system with fine bubbles at the bottom of the vat that enables the fats to float to the surface. The fats are then removed by means of an entrainment system with scrapers located at the end of the desanding and degreasing vat that conveys them to a hopper where they are extracted by gravity down a pipe.


  • Easy and quick to install, and can be implemented in small spaces.
  • Easy and quick to maintain.
  • Very effective pre-treatment equipment, because it combines three processes in one.

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