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DEFERUM high iron removal water treatment plant equipment and technology

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DEFERUM is the ONLY technology available to remove HIGH iron (up to 80mg/L) and gas problems in water distribution, potable water and groundwater environments with very low operating costs. DEFERUM is also eco-friendly!

Iron is one of the earth's most plentiful resources, making up at least five percent of the earth's crust. Rainfall seeping through the soil dissolves iron in the earth's surface and carries it into almost every kind of natural water supply, including well water. The present recommended limit of iron in water, 0.3mg/L (ppm) is based on taste and appearance rather than any detrimental health effect. The Human Health standard for Total Iron is not to exceed 1.5mg/L. However, when iron is present in water, it can stain crops, buildings, tanks as well as plug irrigation systems, leave odious smells, and hinder and contaminate fish habitats.

Next to hardness, the presence of iron is probably the most common water problem faced by consumers and water treatment professionals.

For industrial and commercial companies which depend on water quality, iron removal as well as gas is crucial. If Iron Removal is ignored the physical effects are damage to water equipment and reduced effectiveness of treatment for other contaminants. Staining and deposits related to iron not only affect the aesthetic quality, but may also result in distribution system problems. Among other things, corrosion of distribution pipes can produce sediment or loose deposits that block water flow.

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