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DelAgua Kit Case Study - Columbia University in Peru


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Brinda Sivaramakrishnan a graduate student at Columbia University, New York City, working with the Catholic Medical Mission of Peru (CMMB) travelled to Huancayo, Peru as part of a programme called 'Healthy Mother, Healthy Child in the First 1000 Days of Life'. The DelAgua Bacteriological Kit No.1 was used to analyse bacteriological, physical and chemical paramters of the groundwater supply.

The Lima office saw a need for this program due to the salient public health issues in this community. Therefore, a three item intervention was given funding for three years; consisting of nutrition education, promotion of breast feeding/ maternal health support and the distribution of home water treatment systems to combat chronic diarrhoea in children under five years (especially regarding the lethal comorbidity with anemia.) 500 families in the region of Azapampa have enrolled in the program. The site of Azapampa is the most economically depressed area on the margins of Huancayo. The population is largely Quechua by ethnic origin, internally displaced from higher elevation areas such as Apumaric to lower regions, such as Huancayo and Lima due to extreme violence and terrorism from a militant faction of the Peruvian Communist Party – the“Shining Path.”

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