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DelAgua Kit Case Study - Duke University in Uganda


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Duke University students Liz Kendall, Alayne Potter and Francis Oggeri used the DelAgua Kit during a two month long project in Migyera working with 'ChangeALife' Uganda.

Migyera is a community where access to reliable clean water is a large concern. A 155 meter production well had recently been constructed, with a pump and 50,000L reserve tank soon to follow. Upon completion the water supply system will provide the community with 104,000 litres of water per day.

CALU requested the project studied the quality of water, looking at both potential microbial and chemical contamination, in order to ascertain if further treatment is required before the water is distributed. Sanitation practices within the community were also investigated through surveys and on ground observations with the goal of mapping locations of possible contamination and promoting good hygiene practices.

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