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Delitek Cleans up Marine Waste Handling

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Delitek AS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of waste handling systems specially designed for use on board ships and offshore installations. Owners and operators across the globe rely on the Norwegian company’s technology to dispose of their waste in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with the latest regulations

The very first waste handling system Delitek AS manufactured 20 years ago is still its best selling model today. The medium sized DT-500MC, like other products in the company’s DNV-approved Greenship range, consists of a shredder as well as a compactor. “By first shredding and then compacting, extreme reductions in waste volumes can be achieved,” explained Morten Larsen, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Used in isolation, a compactor will generally achieve around 70 per cent volume reduction. But if a shredder and compactor are combined within the same system, volume reductions of 90 per cent are possible with most solid waste materials. “If ship owners can minimise waste volumes by 90 per cent, then they can minimise their waste management costs by 90 per cent, too. This means it takes just a few weeks after buying one of our waste handling systems for our customers to see a return on their investment.”

Delitek’s systems, which can also incorporate glass crushers and balers, are made of stainless steel, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use on vessels and offshore rigs and platforms. They offer  compaction forces of up to 15 tonnes and feature wheeled, interchangeable containers making for easy segregation of consumer waste in accordance with industry standards. The company’s smallest compactor is able to pass through loading hatches measuring 600mm wide by 400mm high, making for easy interior installation and avoiding the drastic step of cutting a hole in a ship’s structure.


-Article originally published in Inside Marine,Edition 1/4 - 2013

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