WRAP (The Waste & Resources Action Programme)

Delivering effective waste minimisation

Implementing good practice Waste Minimisation and Management (WMM) on construction projects will help reduce the significant quantities of construction waste sent to Landfill and make a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

This guidance is part of a suite of three documents that focus specifically on waste minimisation. The other guidance documents provide a high-level business case for client decision makers and a summary guidance to set out how clients and contractors can make waste minimisation a contractual requirement.

The aim of this document is to provide practical guidance on howto deliveragainst client requirements forwaste minimisation introduced in WRAP, Achieving effective Waste Minimisation. It provides a more comprehensive look at the opportunities that exist to reduce waste on construction projects and provides a series of checklists and proformas to aid design teams and contractors in doing so.

The focus of this guidance is to assist main construction clients, design teams, contractors and their supply chains to reduce waste on their construction projects. It provides detailed technical guidance on how good practice waste minimisation can be delivered both at site and strategic levels. It sets outwhat is meant bywaste minimisation, why it is important, who should implement it and how it can be effectively implemented at the project level after being made an explicit requirement of the procurement process. Modelforms of words to be set in contracts such that alI parties have formal commitments to reduce waste are provided in the guidance, WRAP, Achieving effective Waste Minimisation.

This guidance builds upon the structure of the parallel WRAP guidance document on waste management, Delivering good practice Waste Managementwhich contains 10 guidance notes — covering setting project requirements through to reviewing performance. Guidance Note 2: Design explores waste minimisation and this document builds upon this guidance note, going into more detail.

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