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Delivering the Promise of Continued Customer Success


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Since TOMRA was founded in 1972, we have continuously redefined what it means to be innovative in the sectors in which we operate.
Through our ongoing commitment to providing the world’s most advanced sensor-based sorting systems, we deliver TOMRA’s brand promise of “trusted technology and partnership for better business and environment.”
Improve yields and profits

Within the global food industry, TOMRA Sorting Food applies its brand promise by providing innovative technologies, high-performance sorting systems and experts who work as one with food producers, processors and manufacturers throughout the farm-to-fork journey.

The partnerships we form with customers allow us to help them improve yields and profits, with the knowledge that our support is available to them, 24-hours a day, wherever they are located.

Whether local or global, our customers know we take our long-term commitment to their business seriously, demonstrated by continuous investment in our facilities and people around the world.

Long-term relationships
One of the keys to TOMRA’s success in the food sorting industry is our ability to establish lasting customer relationships. We do this by combining our technologies with our people’s deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges food producers, processors and manufacturers face, which enables us to deliver effective solutions.

Underpinning our commitment to excellent customer service are high levels of employee motivation, with over three quarters (77 per cent) of TOMRA Sorting Food’s people saying the company is a great place to work. This translates directly into positive and dynamic relationships, both internally and externally.
Leadership, customer intimacy and operational excellence
We have distilled our distinct approach to effective customer partnerships into three priority areas. The first is product leadership, where we strive to deliver world-class, innovative ways to meet customer’s needs.

The second is customer intimacy, where our expert teams take time to understand our customers’ businesses and the opportunities and challenges facing them.

Finally, operational excellence in the way our manufacturing, service and support teams are always ready to assist is a key differentiator for our business.

These priority areas were initially identified in a 1993 study on customer intimacy published in the Harvard Business Review. Authored by Michael Treacy, a former professor at MIT and business consultant, and Harvard Business School Professor Fred Wiersema, the study identified three ways in which companies can differentiate themselves. These were building of powerful, cohesive business systems; raising of customers’ expectations; and redefining value for customers in their respective markets.
Innovation and care
Another important aspect of TOMRA Sorting Food’s partnerships is our commitment to innovation and constantly improving our technologies. We invest significantly in research and development to continually make our technology more intuitive to use and operate, always with the system’s upgradeability in mind, and considering how we can further support our customers.

Continually evolving our customer support services, with initiatives such as TOMRA Care which provides up to 24-hour expert support, helps our customers avoid serious production losses should a machine break down occur and also helps develop strong partnerships.
Data-driven solutions

Our broad pallet of technologies, including laser, infrared-spectroscopy, X-ray and camera solutions, allows us to deliver bespoke solutions. Our experts gather data from food processors and manufacturers, which allows us to provide the optimum sorting systems and applications for their businesses.

When our technologies and data analytics are integrated with the sanitary designs of our machines, which reduce both spoilage and waste, and an outstanding customer care service in TOMRA Care, it clearly sets our business apart.

Energy efficient

In addition, our food sorting systems are engineered to be energy efficient. For example, our peeling machines, which benefit lines processing between 1,000 kg/hr – 65,000 kg/hr, have the lowest energy use per piece of product peeled for a defined peeling quality. This efficiency is one of the reasons our peeling systems are used to process 85 percent of the world’s French fries.

We also utilize LED illumination for further energy savings and have sophisticated air nozzle and supply systems for rejection systems, minimizing compressed air usage.

Delivering on a promise TOMRA Sorting Food is here to provide customers with an optimum combination of innovation, service and implementation that enables them to achieve their commercial objectives, protect their brands and ensure food safety.

We know that our success is directly linked to that of our customers. By delivering our brand promise of “trusted technology and partnership for better business and environment” daily, we will continue to evolve and grow our business for the benefit of food processors and manufacturers throughout the world.

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