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Dendrimers at the air-water interface: surface dynamics and molecular ordering


In recent years considerable effort has been devoted to the fabrication of molecular devices by exploiting ultra thin organic films. Our attention has been focused on dendrimers, one of the most promising candidates for use in preparing highly functionalised devices due to their flexible architecture and unique properties. Thin films of dendrimers provide better control over the inter-distance and the density of the functional groups. In order to generate highly ordered ultra thin films of dendrimers, a prior understanding of their molecular behaviour is required. This review highlights recent investigations and the contribution of Korean researchers to the study of the molecular behaviour and dynamics of dendrimers at interfaces. Here we emphasise the importance of phase isotherms (air-water interface) in understanding the molecular behaviour, molecular interactions, and molecular assembly, together with factors that permit the molecular behaviour to be tuned and controlled.

Keywords: dendrimers, air-water interface, monolayers, interfacial properties, phase isotherms, surface dynamics, molecular ordering, ultra thin films, molecular behaviour, nanotechnology, Korea, molecular interactions, molecular assembly

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