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Denton Fire Station 7, LEED Gold Certified, Denton, Texas - Case study


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Project Name: Denton Fire Station 7, LEED Gold Certified

Product: Gravelpave2 pervious parking lot

Application: Permeable Parking Lot

City: Denton

State/Province: Texas

Install Date: Summer 2007

Install Size: 1900 m2 (20,000 sq ft)

Address: 4201 Vintage Blvd Denton, TX  76201

Client: City of Denton

Designer: Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio

Contractor: NA

Directions: 4201 Vintage Blvd Denton, TX  76201

Location: Employee and Overflow Parking Lot

Photography: Roger Tadlock, MKM Sales, 2008

Summary: The first fire station in Texas, and the second in the U.S. to be awarded a Gold Certification for LEED from the USGBC. Gravelpave2 was used to mitigate stormwater, permeate the stormwater into 4 rainwater harvesting cisterns, and Gravelpave2 provided recycled content for LEED points. Gravelpave2 also provides Urban Heat Island Mitigation. From the Article: The highly insulated, energy-efficient building will use more than 35 percent less energy than a conventional building. This was achieved, in part, through the use of geo-thermal heat pumps and highefficiency lighting. Water usage at the station will also be dramatically less. Once the landscape is established, irrigation will come entirely from rainwater runoff from the roof and collected in four 5,400 gallon cisterns. Additionally, low-flow and high-efficiency plumbing fixtures reduce domestic water use by more than 50 percent. The City’s concern for the health, comfort and productivity of the firefighters married nicely with the green building strategies implemented by KAS. These included operable windows in the bunk rooms, exterior views from more than 90 percent of he spaces, ample daylight, and extensive use of low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products. In addition, a large fitness room was included. Green buildings have been proven to enhance the wellbeing and performance of its occupants, making building green an easy decision for the Fire Department.

Gravelpave2 porous paving used in the employee and overflow parking area.

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