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The NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation is an amalgamation of the former departments of Conservation and Land Management and Water Resources, and the Water Services Policy Division of the former NSW Public Works. As the State’s major natural resource agency, the Department of Land and Water Conservation is responsible for the management of nearly all of the land and water in New South Wales

As a leader in natural resource management, the department’s role is to help the community to obtain the maximum benefit from its limited, and sometimes fragile, natural resources.

The department have been using Hydstra software for over 10 years with Hydstra/TS installed on 52 servers serving their central office and more than 10 regional centres. The department have approximately 800 potential users and maintain the following data volumes:

  • 34,550 years of daily stream flow information from 1172 stations
  • 18,575 years of continuous stream height data from 960 stations
  • 1,450 years of continuous rainfall data from 140 stations
  • 640 years of continuous conductivity data from 140 stations
  • 588 years of continuous water temperature data from 171 stations
  • 533 years of continuous storage level data from 23 stations
  • 92 years of continuous turbidity data from 31 stations
  • 40 years continuous wind data from 6 stations
  • 26 years of continuous pH data from 10 stations
  • 18 years of continuous air temperature data from 3 stations
  • 197,950 gaugings from 1,367 stations
  • 17,264 rating tables from 978 stations
  • 1,376 cross sections from 601 stations
  • 1,587 geo-referenced site details

The NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation developed a system called CAIRO to operate regulated rivers in NSW to meet the demands of irrigators, the environment, and other competing needs while minimising system wastage.

The polling procedures developed by Hydstra were used by CAIRO to collect data required to operate the system. Prior to this data retrieval was a very time consuming process. With technology changing to loggers being installed that could be integrated the automatic collection of data was a natural and time saving progression. CAIRO is utilising Hydstra software to poll approximately 300 loggers on a daily basis. Other units within the Department use the Hydstra download software to download a further 800 or more loggers on an automated basis.

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