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Depth profiling with the Chalmers pulsed positron beam

Positron lifetime measurements are used as a tool for obtaining a deeper understanding of positron behaviour in solids and calibrating the Chalmers Pulsed Positron Beam. Experiments are executed for positron energies up to 13 keV corresponding to the maximum penetration depth in Au of roughly 400 nm and measurement results are compared to PENELOPE simulations. Reference towards Makhov modelling is made. The future goal of the study is to investigate the depth dependence of ion–induced radiation damage where positrons will be used to characterise sizes and intensities of vacancy–type lattice defects.

Keywords: depth profile, Chalmers pulsed positron beam, positron lifetime, Makhov modelling, resolution function, positron penetration, radiation damage, simulation, calibration, positrons, solids

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